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Identifying How Anger and Aggression Differ

Excerpt from T.H.I.N.K. book

Anger is a feeling. Aggression is a behavior. However, the two get confused. At other times people use their anger as an excuse to behave in an aggressive manner.

          Anger is an acceptable emotion just like happiness or sadness. Everyone feels anger sometime. However, many people deny that they ever feel angry. For others, they tend to become angry to cover up other feelings, such as hurt and sadness.

          Angry feelings can release endorphins, which are powerful chemicals within the body. This rush of energy can help people to relieve themselves from feeling sad or hurt. However, masking underlying emotions is not a coping skill. Feeling angry is okay, however, the behavior people exhibit when they feel angry make a difference in whether or not they become aggressive.

 Aggressive is a choice. Just because you feel angry doesn’t give you permission to treat others poorly. The use of aggressive behavior can be viewed as a way to bully the other person into doing something whether they want to or not.

          When people behave aggressively, they don’t acknowledge the other person’s feelings or needs. Instead, they want the other person to give in. Aggression may become physically or abusive. Verbal forms of aggression include  making threats or demands.

          Physical forms of aggression may include throwing things, breaking things, slamming things, or physical attacks. Aggressive people blame others for their anger. “ It’s your fault for making me mad,” is the common theme. They don’t take responsibility for their  feelings or their behaviors.

          If you have difficulties managing your anger, learn to separate your anger feelings from your aggressive behaviors.

10 Ways to Believe in Yourself When Life Gets Rough

By Tom Casano

It is a very well-known fact that if anyone wants to do succeed in life, they must believe in themselves. We have to believe in ourselves and in our abilities because our inner faith will create our external results.  People easily lose faith in themselves when encountering setbacks, failure and fear.  Not many people live the life that they have always wished to live; they give up on their life goals as soon as they encounter the first setback. One of the main causes for this is that they do not believe in themselves.  The world that we are living in is extremely competitive and challenging, and people start to doubt themselves and their abilities when they meet with failure. But a few failures are not the end. You must get back up again.

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” – Brad Henry

1. Accept Your Current Situation:  The first thing you need to do if you want to get back up and start believing in yourself again is to accept your current life situation. You have to make peace with how your life looks at the moment and what led to this situation that you are in.  Fighting with your situation won’t do you any good. Being resistant is pointless, so we must accept first. Only then will we have enough energy to change our life.

2. Think About Your Past Success:  If you are feeling down and out, use your past to get motivated again. Remember the time when you used to just kick butt. When you were awesome, and you used to rock it! Put yourself in that past and think about the awesome things that you used to do.  Now remember that you can do it again. It is easy to think about the times when you got hurt, but it is just as easy to think about those times when you were successful as well. Use your past to your advantage.

3. Trust Yourself:  This is one of the most important things that can help you get that belief and confidence back. All the energy, power, courage, strength and confidence is within you.  Spend time with yourself to access it, whether it be through meditation, journaling, or activities that make you trust in yourself again.

4. Talk with Yourself:  We are the ones who create who we will become. We do that every day by our daily beliefs and self-talk. It’s really important that we talk to ourselves and motivate ourselves.  We don’t ultimately need others’ approval. You deserve your own self-approval and supportive self-talk.

5. Don’t Let Fear Stop You:  Fear stands for False Evidence that Appears Real.  It is the main thing that holds you back from believing in yourself again more than anything else.  Face your fears and don’t let them stop you from achieving your goals.

6. Let Yourself Off the Hook:  You have to forgive yourself for any failures or mistakes that you have committed in the past and move on.  You have to look at the future and stop living in the past. Be compassionate towards yourself.

7. Go with a Positive Attitude:  Having a positive attitude towards everything is the quickest way in achieving that belief and confidence in yourself.  Be thankful for whatever you are and whatever you have. Always have a positive approach and see the good in the world.

8. Let a Life Coach Help You:  A life coach is a professional that helps, supports, and guides you. A life coach can help you recognize your abilities and skills. They can help you refocus on your goals and remember your past successes.  When you’re full of doubt, your life coach will believe in you and help you to believe in yourself again.

9. Keep Moving Forward And Never Look Back:  There are going to be countless times in your life when you will feel down and you will feel like giving up. The voice in your head will tell you to stop and you will start to doubt yourself, but never listen to that voice.  Be strong and keep moving on. Never give up on yourself. You have to keep on going and eventually you will reach your destination. And when you do, you will realize how much more powerful you have become.

10. Let Life Move You:  Let your life follow its own natural flow.  When you learn to follow your life’s flow, you’ll realize that life is marvelous and precious.  If you let your life guide you, it will shower you with its gifts and riches. You have to accept the life you are given, and you have to learn to relax. Allow it to let you move in the direction you are meant to go, and you will find success.

“We all have different things that we go through in our everyday life, and it’s really important to know just at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you face, you know that you’re going to win at the end of the day. You got to believe in yourself. You got to believe in God, know that He’s going to get you through it.” – Kelly Rowland.

5 Ways to Overcome Adversity

By Jamelle Sanders

1. Have the right mindset-Your thoughts are essential; they frame the triumphs or tragedies of your life. Getting past adversity requires a change in your belief about challenges. It is not what happens to you, but how you respond to it that is important here.  You must realize that difficulty is not designed to derail you, but to develop you. A positive mindset is essential.

2. Stop making excuses-Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves when we’re too afraid of the future. Whatever you tell your mind will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don’t achieve your dreams, it will be because you made the decision to be detained by excuses.  Excuses will always keep you in a limited place. Overcoming adversity is impossible when you’re making excuses. You conquer excuses by having the courage to step out and do what seems impossible.

3. Have faith-It takes more energy to live a life full of fear than to live one full of faith. To fear is to convince yourself to live in the walls you build yourself. To have faith is to convince yourself to embrace change.  You can either live in faith or live in fear; however, faith and fear cannot coexist. When your desire to overcome becomes greater than your fear, you’ll overcome adversity naturally. Fear will always attempt to immobilize you, while faith is designed to energize you.

4. Don’t take “no” for an answer-Trials will occur in life, but endurance requires you to never stop trying. Trials are one of the greatest teaching tools of life.   Never become defined by the insurmountable. Dare to do the impossible!

5. Let each success energize you-With every success, we are strengthened and empowered for greater victories. You cannot become enslaved by disappointments. You must realize that every disappointment is being engineered for your destiny.

The Takeaway-Life can get us down, but we can pick ourselves back up. We must learn and not be limited by the experiences of our lives. We are strong, and we all have a dreamer inside of us. Anything is possible if we are willing to persevere.  Overcoming adversity is the secret of champions. Through having the right mindset, not making excuses or taking “no” for an answer, having faith, and being energized by success, you can overcome anything that life has to throw at you.


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Time to Read and Relax with a New Book

Want a good book to read in your quiet time? If your answer is YES, then there a few suggestions in this article. Let’s begin with a little background on the author. The author is a a native of Brooklyn, NY. Charles Miner came to Peoria to work with the Boys and Girls Club and then with the Tri-county Urban League. He has contracted with Peoria Public Schools Dist. 150 with Parent University and worked with the youth. During his time here, he created and operates T.H.I.N.K.-There’s Hope In New Knowledge. A program that works with youth and their families and aging adults. He is the SKILLSUSA program coordinator with G. W. Carver Center, a Certified Anger Management Specialist and a Certified Domestic Violence Specialist. His work in the community led him to write the three (3) following books:

T.H.I.N.K.-There’s Hope In New Knowledge. This book contains testimonials from individuals in our community that have dealt with challenges in their lives that stemmed from lack of anger management, life skills and parenting skills. This book will help you identify what’s anger, how to deal with rage, and the consequences of anger. You will be introduced to calming exercises and techniques and solutions to succeed. You will learn how to evaluate your environment and what steps you need to take for an environmental change.

Looking Through the Wise Eyes of Seniors. This book is intended to be a voice for seniors. Our senior generation has a plethora of information and knowledge that is not being used, and seniors don’t feel they are being heard. They are being made to feel they don’t have a place in society. Our seniors spent their life paving the way. They are visionaries. This books is a small contribution intended to show appreciation for how they helped shaped my life, to let them know there are some of us who appreciated them and still continue to work off the values that they set for us. Their journey is not over.

ABC’s of Tithing. The intention is for this book to be a family tool to use at home. This book is a study guide into the A.B.C.’s of tithing. Accountability, Biblical, and Commitment. My research answered a lot of my questions but also raised other questions regarding tithing. It also taught me about the different views and opinions that individuals have about tithing. The purpose of this book is to have dialogue about what tithing is, what it means to you and to reach deeper into your faith. As for me, I first started to look at tithing and what it really meant about five years ago. Things in my life were all tangled up, so I had a conversation with God. That conversation revealed in my spirit that I needed to start tithing more. Since I am tithing on a regular and consistent basis my life has been more bountiful. I hope this book will be instrumental in your faith and understanding.

To find out how the stories end, you can purchase a copy of T.H.I.N.K.-There’s Hope In New Knowledge for $15 each, Looking Through the Wise Eyes of Seniors and ABC’s of Tithing for $10 each or all three (3) for $30 by contacting Charles Miner at 309-222-3192.

5 on 5 Basketball Tournament


T.H.I.N.K. Mentor Academy and Toys for Tots is hosting a 5-on-5 basketball tournament.  The tournament is Sunday, December 9, 2018 at G. W. Carver Center, 710 W. Percy Baker Jr. Ave, Peoria, IL 61605.  The first game starts at 8am.

Tournament will be held to shine light on the Peoria Toys for Tots Campaign and to bring families together for great competition and fun.

Tournament Info: Tournament will be an 8-team single elimination bracket style tournament.  A championship game will be held, and teams will be playing for bragging rights. ALSO, a team trophy and medals for each member of the team presented by the Marine Toys for Tots Coordinator.

Registration information:  cost is $50 per team and each player must bring two (2) unwrapped toys.  Each team can have up to eight (8) players.  Teams need to arrive at 7:30am for registration.  Please bring proper basketball sneakers & basketball attire.

To register your team, please return the sign-up sheet to Sgt. Raheem Mentor at 7117 W. Plank Road, Peoria, IL 61604 or email to no later than 4PM on November 17, 2018 along with your registration money and donated toys (donated toys can be brought the day of the tournament). Make checks payable to “Toys for Tots”.  For questions, contact Sgt. Mentor@352-519-6995 or Charles Miner@309-222-3192.

Team Information:

Team Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Team Captain/Coach: __________________________   Age: _______

Team Captain/Coach Phone #___________________

Team Captain/Coach Email (required):  ___________________________________________________

Team Members: (Up to 8 players)

























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